The Food

From spaghetti and meatballs to the stunning dishes of Bocuse d’Or, Rich Rosendale's food reflects his creative life as a master chef.

A careful blend of design, imagination, and craft
Rich Rosendale brings an artistic balance of modern and classical elements to each dish. He serves up this creativity by cooking for his own family, and also finds joy teaching others so they can enjoy cooking at home.


Anything with origins in tradition and craft is worth learning—like music or dancing or cooking. Stock and dough are the basis of everything else created in the kitchen.

Rich’s cooking is rooted in these classical techniques. 


The intense competition of the Bocuse d’Or demanded Rich infuse classics he loves with a dose of his own creativity.

Today he applies his creative thinking throughout his kitchen, including sharing those secret techniques with others.


Cooking doesn't always have to be complicated—with a little basic know-how, cooking simple and delicious food can be quite easy to achieve.

Rich's delicious homestyle recipes are a great place for you to get started.