The Chef

A love for cooking came early for Rich, nurtured by both his Italian and German grandmothers as he spent time in their kitchens.

From grandmothers’ kitchens to Bocuse d’Or
From Grandma Evelyn’s freshly baked blackberry pie and Nana’s soul-warming pot of red meat sauce, Rich Rosendale built a soaring career. He remembers his humble beginnings—shucking peas and tasting cured bacon in his grandma’s kitchen—even as he cooks at the Bocuse d’Or, the most prestigious cooking competition in the world.

Key Milestones


Rich made his television debut in 2013 on CBS’s Recipe Rehab, where he starred in 13 episodes with Vikki Krinsky and Evette Rios.


Rich represented the United States, placing in the top third at the biennial 2013 Bocuse d’Or competition in Lyon, France.


After completing a 130-hour cooking exam covering all aspects of cuisine, Rich earned the prestigious title of Certified Master Chef.


As the youngest Executive Chef in The Greenbrier history, Rich opened five new restaurants and launched the 44-acre Greenbrier Farm.