Farmer Lee Jones: Rising From The Ashes
June 27, 2020 / 50 min

Farmer Lee Jones

Donning his signature blue overalls and red bow tie as his personal symbol of commitment to sustainability, Farmer Lee Jones sat down with us to share how The Chef’s Garden has adapted to the COVID-19 aftermath, how the pandemic has impacted the future of his family's 300-acre farm, how the crisis has led to formation of new partnerships and new partners, and how he has learned to open himself and the Garden to a wider market.

Sustainability-savvy chefs everywhere are familiar The Chef's Garden, the original pioneer and purveyor of Earth-to-table®, sustainably grown, nutritionally dense, flavorful produce for discerning chefs worldwide. Passed down from generations for more than 30 years, The Chef's Garden was founded on traditional farming methods while implementing the most innovative, sustainable practices available. An invaluable presence in the modern culinary world, The Chef's Garden continually adapts in today's changing world to offer the highest quality produce to chefs everywhere.