Daniel Boulud: The Future Is Now!
July 14, 2020 / 55 min

Daniel Boulud

What else can we do as chefs to create a better world? After four decades of cooking, Chef Daniel Boulud continually challenges himself and others to find answers to this question. As Chef Daniel shares in this week’s episode, it all starts with the culinary minds of tomorrow, who must stay focused and discover what kind of mentors they want to be and how they want to impact the world. After experiencing devastating effects from the pandemic, Daniel says the biggest lesson he has learned is that, although the things we've taken for granted are gone, we now have an amazing opportunity to build a better path. Jump into this podcast as Daniel offers advice to new culinarians; discusses the immediate future of the Bocuse d’Or and the evolution of fine dining; and expresses gratitude for his team’s efforts in supporting the local NYC community during these tough times.