The Dream

Understanding the role of mentorship in his own success, Rich Rosendale believes in giving back to help others achieve their own dreams.

Dreaming big—one apron at a time
The Dream Apron Program supports youth-focused charities and scholarships to help kids from broken homes, kids who are living in poverty or who just need a mentoring force in their lives. When you purchase a Dream Apron signed by Rich from the web site, you can feel good cooking up something delicious, knowing you helped write a recipe for success for someone else.


On Christmas morning, when I was five years old, our house burned down and we lost everything we owned. My mom, who was raising my sister and me on her own, moved us to a new town in Pennsylvania where we started our lives over.

Two things saved me. First, many people from the community came together to give us clothes, furniture, and even a car to drive until my mom could provide for us again. Even more important, my mom always kept me on track, despite the challenging circumstances. I realize that not all children are as fortunate as I was to have someone to guide me, especially when life was difficult. Having a role model watch out for you at a young age can completely change the trajectory of your life.

The Dream Apron Program strives to help as many children as possible, however please know that opportunities for national and local sponsorships and participation are limited. We encourage you to contact us for more information and submit requests to Your requests will help determine how we will support various causes in the future.