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Written by Meredith Grace for Z Living


One of my favorite memories growing up was coming home after a long day in the summertime sun and grilling out burgers with my family. And for a long time, if you’d asked me what my burger was made of, I’d look at you like you’d just asked me if the Pope was Catholic!
“Beef, of course!” I’d say.
Ground beef was a staple in my diet. Everything from burgers to meatloaf to bolognese and beyond. I didn’t even realize there were options other than the ground red meat, aside from the bland-tofu-veggie-stuff the vegans ate. Thankfully, my tastes have become more inclusive over the past several years. And as we saw recently on Recipe Rehab, there are lots of different options out there!
Watch the clip below for inspiring, healthy substitutes for beef in your dinner from Recipe Rehab.

In this episode, we meet the Jones family, who are in a very similar boat to the one I was in growing up. Their recipe for Burrito Bake was chock full of fat and cholesterol, and subbing out the ground beef was the first step for chefs Richard Rosendale and Vikki Krinsky to lighten up the family dish. 

Are you looking for a ground beef recipe that you can rehab by swapping out the red meat for something healthier? In addition to tuning in to Recipe Rehab each week, you can also try one of these substitutes the next time you turn the heat up in the kitchen.

WATCH on Z LivingRecipe Rehab, where each week two chefs face off in a competition to give one family's high-calorie recipe a new low-calorie twist. Watch more Recipe Rehab clips


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