Classical v. Modern: Carottes a la Vichy Feature in Sizzle Magazine

Modern sous-vide carottes a la vichy with carrot Gelee and Parsley silk

Anyone familiar with classical French cuisine is familiar with the famous carrot preparation of carrots a la Vichy. It is a simple dish consisting of sliced carrots, with a touch of sugar and water from the Vichy region of France. The carrots are simply cooked with water and sugar until they glaze the carrots, leaving them perfectly cooked. Then the dish is served warm with some chopped parsley. Rich's version is a perfect example of his approach to re-imagining classic dishes, building on tradition rather than dismissing it. He cooked the carrots slowly in a vacuum bag with juiced carrot, lime, sugar, and a slice of ginger until it is perfectly cooked. He then makes a gelee from the juice and wraps it around the carrot, filling the center with carrot puree, and adding fresh parsley silk under the carrot.