December 15, 2020 / 66 min

Julien Fayard

On today’s episode of Let’s Dig In, host Rich Rosendale’s guest is Julien Fayard, one of Napa Valley’s most respected winemakers and owner of Fayard Winemaking.

Originally from the South of France, Julien has always been surrounded by the wine, with fond memories of his childhood in his family’s winery. After working his way through renown wineries such as Lafite Rothschild and Smith Haut Lafitte in Bordeaux, he eventually moved to Napa to work with Philippe Melka for 8 years before launching his own projects. Julien shares with us an incredible wealth of knowledge of the facets and science behind winemaking and how he puts a French touch on California wines.

This episode explores the impact of the wildfires and global pandemic on the wine industry, creating high-quality wine at a price consumers are comfortable with, and ultimately, how wine balances out life.

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