June 21, 2023 / 55 min

Episode 48: Heath Porter

Get ready to pour yourself a glass of your favorite vino as we dive into Episode 48 of the ‘Let's Dig In Podcast’ with your host, Chef Rich Rosendale. Joining us today is a man whose love for wine has taken him from the humble beginnings of a dry county in North Alabama to the prestigious vineyards of Italy, Spain, and France. Let’s raise our glasses to our special guest, Heath Porter.

Despite growing up in a place where alcohol was a no-go and starting his career washing dishes at a truck stop, Heath’s journey in the food and beverage industry has been nothing short of remarkable. With his ceaseless curiosity and thirst for knowledge, he explored every role within a restaurant setting, climbing the rungs of the ladder one position at a time.

Heath’s commitment to his craft saw him crowned as the winner of the Pacific region of the best young sommelier competition and a finalist in the 2004 National Chaine des Rotisseurs young sommelier competition. From Honolulu to Miami, he’s honed his skills and has left an indelible mark on the wine world.

In this episode, we’ll uncork Heath’s rich experiences, from building Sea Island Resorts’ wine collection and crafting their private-label wines to the opening of the Uvaggio wine bar and the No Name Chinese restaurant in Miami. We’ll also delve into his love for wine tourism, and hear stories from his journeys through the world’s renowned wine regions.

Join us as we swirl, sniff, and savor this in-depth conversation with the man who turned his dry roots into a thriving, wine-infused career. So, grab your favorite bottle and let's dig in with Heath Porter on this exciting episode of ‘Let's Dig In Podcast.’ Cheers!