November 18, 2020 / 63 min

Daryl Shular

On today's episode of Let’s Dig In, host Rich Rosendale’s guest is Daryl Shular, a culinary entrepreneur, educator, and history maker as the first African American and minority to successfully pass the grueling CMC exam. With a history of embracing challenges and overcoming odds against him, Chef Shular has brought his community together by successfully teaching the next generation of chefs through his time as Director of Education at Le Cordon Bleu and by creating Atlanta-based Shular Hospitality Group. Part of his Hospitality Group is a merit-based, hands-on culinary school that will teach the fundamental technical and soft skills under little to no debt, set to open in early 2021. In the meantime, his culinary school opened its restaurant division, Farmed Kitchen + Bar, his group launched Plateed Online for cooking classes, and created sustainability-focused Soul Food catering company Earth First. Chef Shular shares the power of giving the community the right tools to grow and changing lives through food.

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