April 14, 2021 / 68 min

Danny Sterling

On today’s episode of Let’s Dig In, host Rich Rosendale welcomes Chef and Entrepreneur Danny Sterling with cohosts Christopher Rieloff and Rachel Barnett.

Cooking from a young age, Danny Sterling has held a successful culinary career working under multiple certified master chefs, in various Michelin-starred kitchens, and was recognized in notable global competitions. He was also one of the first team members to help launch Rosendale Collective and was co-owner of Roots 657 with Chef Rosendale. After experiencing a life-changing event in 2016, Danny sought ways to approach life more holistically, diving into deep research on incorporating nourishing ingredients into beautiful dishes. This led to the creation of both Cumberland Heritage with his wife and ELYA, a natural food service company using SmartFridge technology.

This episode explores the making of ELYA and health and wellness trends and misconceptions along with great memories with a dear friend.

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