November 11, 2020 / 64 min

Antwon Brinson

On today's episode of the Let's Dig in Podcast, host Rich Rosendale's guest is Antwon Brinson, a Social Impact Entrepreneur, and Founder/CEO of Culinary Concepts AB. His company is based inCharlottesville, Virginia.

Culinary Concepts AB, mission is to create a socially-minded company that focuses on developing people's ability and passion by teaching life skills using the culinary arts.
We spoke to Antwon about what it's been like to launch his company and the powerful impact it has had on the students that have gone through his program. We also spoke about his virtual cooking class that takes participants around the world highlighting cuisines like Ethiopian and West Africa to name a few.

In addition to running his company, and spending time with his family, he continues to dedicate what free time he has to his local community serving on several boards and committees. We believe that Antwon represents the future of entrepreneurship where one's work goals also serve to better their environment in some way.

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