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Rich Rosendale is leading a culinary revolution with his brand of culinary training, offering world-class instruction in an array of subjects. Class topics range from sous-vide cooking to modern plating, and much more. Attend one of his hands-on traveling workshops in locations throughout the world. If you’re interested in one of the upcoming courses below, please register by clicking on the desired class. Reserve your spot now. Space is limited. Private on-site classes available.

Richard is a very talented chef who aligns knowledge, technique, speed, creativity, taste and design to his cooking. I had a chance to see Richard cook in the highest pressure during the training and the making of the Bocuse d’Or competition and like a great Olympic athlete, it required a lot of practice, ambition, precision and dedication to the craft - Richard proved to us that he had it all! I believe he could be very entertaining as a chef on a show with his personality, his clean demeanor, and his passion.

Daniel Boulud, Restaurateur

Richard is the most unassuming walking cookbook of knowledge. He is a powerful player in the chef world, quick with information, and yet very grounded and inviting. An absolute pleasure to work with.

Vikki Krinsky, Chef, Recipe Rehab

I had the pleasure of working with Richard while he trained for the Bocuse d'Or cooking competition in 2012/2013. His relentless passion, drive and enthusiasm is contagious, you can't help but want to make yourself better around him. He is a natural born leader, a great example of true craftsman, technician and teacher.

Gavin Kaysen, Owner and Chef, Spoon and Stable

Rich Rosendale’s The Art and Science of Sous Vide Cooking was incredible. Not only did Rich break down the science and principles of this technique, but he also provided invaluable personal experience. Having lecture, demo as well as hands on made this one of the best classes I have taken! This class should be in every Chef’s tool box!

Randy Waidner C.E.C., Corporate Chef, Gibsons Restaurant Group

Chef Rich not only teaches the basics and advanced techniques of sous vide cooking…he made sure he understood each participants business needs and showcased techniques specific to them! He also has showed us some really cool equipment that we will be looking at for our own operations.

Lou Bastian, VP Corporate Chef, Levy Restaurants

Rich's work with our company has been instrumental in the evolution of our food, procedures and techniques ultimately improving the quality of our product. He is dedicated, and passionate about every aspect of food and has brought a wealth of knowledge to our team.

Rick Malir, President and Co-founder, City Barbecue

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